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The Story of has been a family-operated business based in the Heartland of American for over 10 years. Since our beginnings our parent company, The Advertising Store, Inc. has strived to be known for their excellent customer service and their high-quality products. It's safe to say they have succeeded with hundreds of customers returning back every year. 

Why Choose

Because we really care about your order. We are willing to go the extra step to make sure it gets done right. You will see it in our quick responses to your email questions. None of that auto-respond nonsense! A real person will take the time to make sure your questions are answered. A real person with a listening ear will answer our phones when you call.

This company was founded on the principle that customer service excellence was paramount. That principle is still our cornerstone today. We hope to become your supplier for all your advertising needs. We know that we have to earn that right. Our staff and experience is up to the challenge. Give us a try. We will deliver great products at great prices.

Our family-operated company was built on the belief that if you treat the customer right, they will continue to be a customer. It sounds simple, but it is something we always keep in mind. We will always take the extra step to be sure Your job is done exactly as you desired. At times, that means working a little harder. But we are working on the most important job in our store, Your job! We want to make sure you are a happy customer. We will go the extra effort to make you our favorite type of customer, a repeat customer!

What Does Have to Offer?

We offer an extensive catalog of Custom Window Decals, Car Decals, Wall Decals, Speciality Decals including Gold & Chrome Decals, High Resolutation Decals, Parking Permits and more! Our Custom Decals come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. We want you to be able to fully customize a decal to suit your needs. We understand that our catalog is large and filled with many different options. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call us at (888) 303-3900. 

We guarantee you will be happy you let us take care of all your decal & sticker needs.