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8" x 32" Custom Vinyl Die Cut Sign

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8" x 32" Vinyl Cut Die Cut Signs on 5 Year Calendar

  • 5 Year Outdoor Durability 

  • Strong Permanent Self-Adhesive

  • Application Instructions Included

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Material Information

Our assortment of custom decals include different types of materials. Please read each material carefully to decide which one would best suit your needs.

Pressure Sensitive Vinyls
Vinyls are flexible, scuff resistant, plasticized films that will stretch and shrink slightly. They are for indoor or outdoor use.

Pressure Sensitive Polyesters

  • Pressure Sensitive Polyesters Polyesters are very "dimensionally stable" and will not stretch or shrink. Therefore, they do not conform well to irregular surfaces or compound curves. They are resistant to chemicals. Polyesters are suited for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Adhesives Our custom and stock polyester products make two adhesive choices available. All are environmentally friendly, water-based acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesives. They also perform well in hot or cold temperatures, indoors or outdoors. Any adhesive decal must be applied to a clean surface to perform properly.
  • Permanent Twenty-four hours after application this adhesive will be at its maximum strength. It has a high peel value indicating that while it is possible to remove the decal it cannot be easily or cleanly removed. Choose this polyester/adhesive combination for warning or instructional decals, branding decals, equipment markings, or other applications in which permanence is a requirement.
  • Ultra Removable With the lowest peel strength, decals with this adhesive will remove with no adhesive transfer yet provide good holding properties for many months. Choose this polyester/adhesive combination for short-term promotions, temporary signage, point of purchase labeling, or other applications in which clean removability is a requirement.
  • Static Cling Vinyl
    Cling vinyl is a highly plasticized vinyl film that does not require an adhesive to adhere to polished or smooth surfaces such as glass or mirrors. This material is recommended for indoor use only.

    Many of our products have different adhesives. Some have permanent and others have removable, ultra removable, or repositionable adhesive. Each product has been designed to offer the best combination of material and adhesive. For instance, our Bumper Sticker vinyl has an ultra removable adhesive that insures clean and easy removability, even after one year from application.